December 30, 2020 4 min read

The Only Guide You Need To Read About Farmhouse Furniture

Looking at the farmhouse furniture style? Here is a guide for you to read about the rustic charm this furniture will bring your house!

Your home should be a cozy, inviting space where you can unwind and escape from everyday stresses.

The farmhouse style is a beautiful design that adds classic, rustic charm to your home.

Read on to discover how farmhouse furniture can contribute to a cozy space and make your home feel warmer and more relaxing than ever before.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

What makes farmhouse furniture so delightful is its use of natural materials, soft colors, and varying textures. Start by incorporating some key pieces into your home to craft a comfy, relaxing reading nook.

A beautiful bookcase made of solid hardwood in a rustic whitewash finish is a great addition to a living room, home office, or a cozy corner. If you're designating a specific space for reading, bring in a soft armchair with linen fabric upholstery made with a solid hardwood frame.

To make this area even cozier, layer it with textures. Drape a soft throw blanket over your reading chair or add a neutral-colored area rug underneath to round out the look.

If you're not looking for new pieces, shop for some antique furniture that you can upcycle easily. This will give your furniture an "old but new" look by adding your own personal touches to it. A vintage trunk is perfect for storage, and it also makes a fabulous coffee table.

Warm-up Your Living Room with Farmhouse Furniture

Even if you don't live in the woods or on a farm, you can recreate this magical setting with your furniture. Cozy up a living space with soft furnishings like overstuffed armchairs and classic sofas accented with rolled arms.

Look for furniture pieces crafted of wood with distressed finishes and rustic detailing like hammered metal on corners or nailhead trim. The combination of wood and metal is a classic farmhouse-inspired design.

Galvanized metal furniture is durable, beautiful, and offers a classic, cozy farmhouse look and feel. If you're worried that metal is too cold, you can always layer chairs and seating pieces with soft pillows or cushions to make the room cozier.

When choosing new farmhouse furniture, it's best to stick to pieces featured in soft, neutral colors. You can always add a pop of color here and there with window treatments, throw pillows or a fun area rug.

Introduce some organic elements to your living room to make it cozy. A beautiful vase filled with freshly cut flowers or a few green houseplants placed on shelves and tables will instantly add a sense of calm to your living space.

As you shop for new farmhouse furniture, look for items crafted in clean lines. A few components like distressed wood or textured metal embellishments will give your living room an authentic rustic feel.

Farmhouse Colors, Textures, and Features

Your home should be a peaceful place that feels safe and warm, even in stressful times. Elevate any room by incorporating the right farmhouse furniture and decor.

Start by looking for furniture made of classic materials like reclaimed barn wood or pine. Wrought iron is another excellent feature that represents a traditional farmhouse or rustic home.

Color schemes should be light in tone, but you can always add a few touches of green or black here and there for visual impact. Consider a set of black wrought iron upholstered dining chairs completed in linen fabric in a lighter hue.

Textures in a farmhouse-inspired home can range from distressed to smooth. The key is to layer and incorporate several different textures by using furniture, linens, and decor in synergy.

Mix and match vintage pieces with new ones to craft an electric, laid-back look. Incorporating some antique furniture with new, updated pieces is an easy way to give any room a warm, cozy feeling. Try a vintage coffee table paired with a brand-new, comfy sofa.

Furniture and Accessory Buying Tips

As you shop for new farmhouse furniture, it's important to keep the basics in mind. Stay away from items that are too complicated or bright, and stick to understated furniture with clean lines and soft colors.

Remember, you can always add a few decorative accessories to give your home a bolder touch. Items like woven baskets, ceramic side tables, and metal canisters are all easy to bring into your home to give it a touch of visual interest.

Look for storage pieces that will give you two functions in one. For example, an upholstered storage bench or ottoman is a great way to stash extra throw blankets out of sight while giving you a comfy place to sit or prop up your feet.

If your style goal is warm and cozy, try to stick to fabric upholstery in a light color tone. A few throw blankets or a plush area rug will easily make any room much more inviting. Remember to have fun when you shop for farmhouse furniture and try to mix things up by combining old and new pieces together.

Cozy up Your Home

With farmhouse furniture, it's easy to create an inviting and warm home that you'll love to return to. Look for furniture pieces that incorporate some of the classic farmhouse features and materials to achieve this cozy look.

From a reading nook to your living room and beyond, your home will be a truly cozy place thanks to this rustic-inspired design style.

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