15 Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas + DIY Items

June 24, 2021 9 min read

If your taste leans toward the warming and inviting, perhaps with a dash of down-home, rural ease, you might want to look at farmhouse-style kitchen possibilities. 

Farmhouse-style kitchens are known for their use of earthy resources, simple decor and big cooking areas. Guests must always feel very welcome and at home in these spaces, even if their shoes are still muddy. 

Cabinets, chairs, and tables are frequently made of high-quality timber, with cherry, maple, oak, and pine being popular choices.

Is farmhouse decor going out of style in 2021?

Farmhouse style isn't going to vanish in 2021, but it is receiving a revamp. The countryside chic style combines farmhouse décor and furniture with clean, fresh colors and textures. Instead of the distressed effect on wooden planks, there are alternatives for a bright painted pattern or a plain polished wood finish.

Pristine white fabric furniture, bright cushions, and lively patterns on carpets give rustic ideas a modern and cheery air. Explore our site now to get motivated and uncover the recent trends for your house so you can keep your rooms looking exciting and original.

What makes Kitchen Farmhouse Style?

The relaxed appeal of farmhouse-style kitchens is a pleasant counterpoint to the fast-paced pace of modern living. You can bring the laid back atmosphere into even the most urban of apartments by adopting only one or two features of rural decor. 

Although there are a ton of “farmhouse-decor” elements, the four main things to consider including in your kitchen are listed below.

  1. A Butler Sink: These basins, sometimes known as Belfast sinks (and yes, they did originate in Northern Ireland's capital many generations earlier), were famous due to their considerable depth. In one, you can comfortably wash a toddler or a medium-sized dog.
    The uncovered apron of a ceramic or enamel sink immediately provides an old-fashioned functional look.

  2. Richly grained wood: Wooden counters, cabinets, and even tables are becoming increasingly rare in modern kitchens. While wood cabinetry is still extensively used, they are frequently given a glossy finished look that masks the wonderful grain.
    Abundantly patterned wood gives an inherent warmth to country kitchens.

  3. Open shelving: Wall cabinets did not become widely used in kitchens until the early twentieth century. Previously, standalone furniture, such as china cabinets and open bookshelves, was typical. 
    Of course, open shelving isn't only for rural decor. Supporters claim that may make a tiny kitchen appear larger, and it allows you to display dinnerware that might otherwise be concealed.

  4. A pot rack: Pot racks are a testament that newer does not always imply better. As designed kitchen cabinets grew more popular, pot racks—whether draped from the ceiling, hung on a wall, or freestanding—grew unfashionable.
    They've made a resurgence in recent decades, though, as consumers recognized how much quicker it is to grab a pan from a hook than to hunt through an overloaded cupboard for one.

    A basic iron or copper shelf quickly adds farmhouse flair to a kitchen, particularly when hung with cast iron or copper cookware.

How can I decorate my kitchen farmhouse style on a budget?

Designing a kitchen in any home may be difficult, but preparing a farmhouse kitchen for a period home requires great consideration to ensuring the accent, aesthetic, and hues are precisely aligned. 

The peaceful rural vibe of farmhouse kitchens works well in households of many ages and locations: use these farmhouse kitchen ideas as an influence when designing your own farmhouse-style kitchen.

Create a more comfortable atmosphere in your kitchen by introducing standalone furniture that you can move about as needed.

The kitchen has evolved into much more than a place to make food. Many families spend a great time in the kitchen completing schoolwork with their children, watching TV, snacking, entertaining visitors, and even having private discussions! All of this must be considered while planning a house kitchen. 

Keeping the budget constraint in mind, here are 7 ideas:

  1. Open Shelving: Open shelving is a terrific ability to introduce country charm to any room. They are quite easy to install and provide one of the best knocks for your dollar in terms of space. A level, a few brackets, a piece of wood, and a stud finder are all you need. An even simpler solution would be to just remove the doors from your current top cabinets!
  2. Wire Baskets: Wire baskets are ideal for storing items. They may be used to store everything from linens to vegetables. Place them on open shelves for quick access to everyday necessities.
  3. Beadboard: Beadboard is a low-cost product that may instantly add charm. It may be used as a backdrop, to face the edges of a countertop, or to provide texture to a wall.
  4. Natural Wood Accents: Butcher slabs, chopping boards, and wooden tools may provide the desaturated colors required for a farmhouse look. Showcase your kitchenware to provide warmth to the area.
  5. Large Glass Canisters: Use huge class jars to exhibit your sugar, beans, or oats. It will add intrigue and give your kitchen an aged appearance. Don't forget to put the scoops!
  6. Old Scale: Vintage scales may be obtained at thrift shops and antique stores, however, there are some excellent duplicates available.
  7. Galvanized and Metal Accents: Personally, I enjoy adding a bit of metal to a rustic kitchen. Galvanized pots or silverware are a quick and cheap way to add a metallic touch. Additional choices comprise metal chairs and lights.

15 rustic farmhouse kitchen decor items and Ideas.

  • Wine Glass Decanter with Ice Pocket

    A delicious cold drink poured from our one-of-a-kind Wine Glass Decanter with Ice Pocket will keep you cool on a hot day. This is an excellent piece for impressing.

    This is a one-of-a-kind carafe made from ancient glass by Colombian craftsmen. There are still remnants of the ancient city just outside the busy metropolis of Bogota, Colombia. A crew of gifted glass blowers produces handcrafted pieces of art at a tiny family-owned glass business. 

    These are free-flowing pieces, not molds, and have great organic forms which are thick and strong. The best part is that the glass is reclaimed from old windows, automotive glass, and other bottles.

  • Seaside Dinner Plate & Bowl - Set of 12

    When presented on our Seaside Dinner Plates & Bowls, your regular meal with the family will look spectacular every time. From simple casseroles to hefty steak meals, every meal will become a tantalizing feast against the sea blue-colored plates. 

    These blue ceramic plates have a texturally informal feel and form, making them ideal for a fun-loving yet equally dramatic eating statement. These dishes' modest yet earthy character creates a table setting appropriate for a gourmet feast

  • Lovely Vintage Pink Salt, Pepper, and Toothpick Caddy

    With this charming pink enamel salt, pepper, and toothpick caddy, you can add rustic elegance to your kitchen table. The metal bucket is separated into three compartments and is ideal for indoor or outdoor dining. It will help keep your farmhouse table orderly.

    The set comes with three mason jar-style shakers for salt, pepper, and toothpicks. Use your imagination and fill the third shaker with your favorite spice. The rotating pail grip makes transporting the rustic style kitchen caddy to your table simple.

  • Tilted Glass Pitcher

    There are two sizes available... With our Tilted Glass Pitcher, you can serve and enjoy excellent cocktails, cooled water, and other beverages. These serving pieces are certain to take a stance on any dinner table and are suited for usage on special moments or informal gatherings.

    These pitchers feature a distinctive form with a slightly skewed pattern. Excellent for flowers or lemonade! Every house should have one of our Tilted Glass Pitchers.

  • Large Bread Board

    This generously sized Bread Board is ideal for displaying fresh-baked bread, cheese, and pickles. It is also a great chopping board for enormous roasts and various veggies, as well as rolling out gingerbread for a Christmas showcase.

    This extra-large breadboard, modeled by French charcuterie boards, can accept a broad range of cheeses, meats, and bread to wow even the most discriminating visitor!

  • Chicken Feeder Plate Rack

    With this Chicken Feeder Plate Rack, you can keep your most often used dinner plates and side dishes within easy reach of the top of your kitchen worktop while also keeping your kitchen organized. Excellent for freeing up storage space while also visually complementing any kitchen and enabling plates to use much simpler!

    With its aged style, this one-of-a-kind and functional plate rack add a rustic farmhouse feel. This chicken feeder plate rack was influenced by agricultural life and has a weathered, rusty appearance.

  • Large Galvanized Milk Pitcher

    Our antique metal milk pitcher has a wide opening that is ideal for storing your most often used cooking utensils
    The embossed accents and delicate scroll handle contribute to the country feel of this piece. To add a touch of rustic charm, fill it with dried flowers or use it to store heavy cookware. The rustic farmhouse pitcher's corrosion-free galvanized metal surface makes it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.
  • Reclaimed Wood & Metal Kitchen Cart

    Not everyone can afford a large kitchen, but anybody may have a modest yet elegant and useful area. Our Reclaimed Wood & Metal Kitchen Cart has a lot of extra storage space. The individuality in the repurposed wood provides a one-of-a-kind appearance with each piece, assuring that this is one-of-a-kind.

    Create more storage space in the kitchen with these multipurpose recycled wood and metal kitchen carts. This effortlessly moveable cart makes a striking impression wherever it is positioned.

  • Lava Stone Lazy Susan

    The ideal tray for permanent use is a table centerpiece or a jewelry tray. Our one-of-a-kind Lava Stone Lazy Susan will bring peace to your farmhouse.

    We have converted the chaotic character of the lava stone into a fashionable and practical item for the house. It is known as a powerful earth crystal and grounding stone. Use this to showcase trinkets in your vanity or to serve your guests.

  • Weathered Zinc Bread Box

    In our Weathered Zinc Bread Box, serve the bread at your next family meal or fashionable party. This rustic bread box will lend a nostalgic touch to your modern kitchen! The punched-tin type ornamentation on the lid serves two functions: it not only gives this attractive bread box the appearance of a treasured heritage, but it also provides aeration for your baked goods within.

    When you use it, you'll see why its style has been a kitchen classic for many years. It's well-sized to accommodate a loaf of bread and slides underneath overhead cabinets to keep the tabletop tidy.

  • Retro Kitchen Scale With Dates

    This cute antique kitchen scale will liven up any rural kitchen. The worn finish on the rustic mint green scale gives it a genuine vintage appearance. Instead of weights, the front shows months and dates, transforming this scale into a lovely calendar. Display your rustic kitchen décor or a tiny plant on the detachable upper tray.

    It may also be used to highlight noteworthy dates or events. Set the date for your marriage on the scales and place your wedding invitation on it.

  • Diamonds Cotton Napkins  -  Set of 6

    Our Diamonds Cotton Napkins are the ideal finishing touch for every occasion, from parties to seasonal celebrations. These napkins, printed with color and precision, are the ideal canvas for your artwork, pictures, and monograms.

    These napkins, with their rustic neutral design, are the ideal addition to any modern farmhouse kitchen décor!

  • Maybelle Amber Glass Goblet

    Allow your creativity to go wild as you construct your everyday table setting with the brilliant hue of our Maybelle Amber Glass Goblet. This is ideal for spicing up a friendly gathering or a formal dinner.

    The one-of-a-kind stemware may be used for champagne, wine, specialty cocktails, or water, but its applications aren't restricted to drinking glasses. They may also be used as cute little vases to go with your antique decor.

  • Antique Brass Bottle Cap Divided Topper - Set of 2

    Our Bottle Cap Divided Topper will bring rustic farmhouse appeal to your kitchen island or dining area. You can serve your guests in style because of its one-of-a-kind and functional design.

    This has three compartments that may be used to store various foods and other goods. The metal structure of this tray prevents corrosion and allows it to be used outside, making it an ideal item for any table.

  • Wine Barrel Tray - Set of 2

    Our Woodland Shallow Serving Bowl is ideal for serving a stunning salad, making a meal of succulent prawns, or simply needing a stylish breadbasket. This serving dish is intended for luxurious gatherings and is finely crafted of mango wood with a burnt finish.

    With this medium Woodland Shallow Serving Bowl, you can add a touch of the outdoors to your house. Ideal for entertaining. To finish the picture, pair it with several other pieces from this range.


If you are looking for a simple, rustic and easy makeover to induce freshness in your city life, then you must go and see my website! I have been collecting farmhouse inspired decor items since a long time. I am so passionate about them that.. now I am helping others fulfill their farmhouse decor dream! So.. happy decorating!

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